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Is my UCLA offer going to be rescinded?

I failed my first semester of Spanish during my freshman year. I then retook that course my first semester of sophomore year and I got an A. When I was filling out the grades section of the UC application, my counselors told me to not input the failing grade and instead, replace the failing grade with the grade I got once I retook the course. And so I did that.

My admissions contract states that my offer will be subject to cancellation if official transcripts don't match what I input into the grades section. My official transcript still shows the "F" my first semester of freshman year for Spanish. It does show I retook it and got an A, but it still shows the F on the transcript.

Now, I'm worried that my offer may get rescinded once my school sends my official transcript to UCLA. Back when I was doing my application, I had my counselor say this was okay to do. I had a college counselor say the same. I had a school admin say the same. I went to a local community college that is known for high transfer rates into UCLA and I asked them about this, and they said that this was okay to do as well. But at this point I don't really know what to believe or trust.

I can prove to UCLA that I was not trying to deceive them on purpose because one of my PIQs was entirely dedicated to me talking about how I failed Spanish. I would have never wrote one of my PIQs about this if I was trying to deceive them on purpose. But even then, it doesn't change the fact the admissions contract states that my offer will be rescinded if official transcripts don't match what I provided on the application.

I really don't want my offer rescinded, as UCLA has been my dream school for the longest. What can I do? Was this really okay to do on my application like everyone has been telling me? Or did I mess up?

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Do you have any documentation of these conversations with your counselor, college counselor, school admin, or community college admin? If they question it (which they shouldn't if all those people confirmed), you could send them whatever email/message communicated this information to you and then it would likely not be your fault. Especially if you wrote your essay on it, it should be OK. Ideally, you would have put this in the extra information section on common app, explaining what circumstances led you to the fail and why you replaced it with the grade you earned the second time around.

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