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07/18/2020 at 02:45AM

Admissions Chance Calculator

How can I reset my Admissions Chance Calculator, or at least part of it?

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07/18/2020 at 08:23AM

I believe I understand what you are talking about here. First and foremost, you need to click on the school list tab. Then it will bring you to a page with your list of schools that you have chosen, from there click on back to dashboard. Once you are there, scroll down a little and you will see a button that says view detailed breakdown. After clicking on that button, you should see a small update button for each area that the admissions chance calculator made you fill out.

I hope this helps and that it wasn't too confusing.

Accepted Answer
07/18/2020 at 03:33AM

I don’t know entirely what you are asking but you can create a new account with a different email or just to change parts go to the top right corner and click profile and click chancing profile and adjust info as needed. In regards to school list if you have it on list use filters for on my list and click the name of school and either disregard it or change status. To add schools search for them and add the names by the same drop down menu.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.