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How are my EC's? And should I do more?

I already asked this question but it got lost and I can't see the answers @-@, yeah ...

I want to major in computer engineering, but most of my ECs are programming. I'm Hispanic, have 3 younger siblings which I babysit and tutor when my parents aren't home, my parents make low income. I'm really strong in math and in science, all A-A+ but i'm not so good with classes with humanities. Bs and Cs in English and History.

How impressive do you think these EC's are?

- 3 Apps featured in playstore, one has 15,000(maybe 10,000, i can't check at the moment) another has 5,000 and then another has 50,000 downloads

- Created a website with 1,000 participants where they could upload applications that helped solve a range of problems

- i'm also planning on making an online coding courses for elementry students, where i teach them over a video calling app

- The founder of summer coding camp aimed to teach primary students the foundation of programming and application programming, they designed applications that helped people in my town, such as an app that suggested bike routes (15 kids went to the workshop).

- Programming club at school - Founder

other things that really didn't make in impact

- shadowed a computer scientist

- shadowed a computer engineer

Do you think i should compete in USACO (computing Olympiad) or should I aim to earn awards in applications like Technovation(would that show that i'm good at what I do?). I want to solve real world problems, but if proving that i'm good at what i do is a better idea, i'll do that. (will showing that I competed at the highest level possible and making achievements in my "field" help or will just by making achievements do the trick) I'm having a hard time deciding on what do, and I would appreciate your help.


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So I answered this on your other post but on the Q&A tab near the top instead of most recent pick my questions. Also assuming you quantify your achievements you should be competitive at highly selective schools and your ECs are likely in the top 1/3 of ivy admits but your chancing at ivy caliber schools is hampered by your humanities courses as you don’t see to have special circumstance. Elite public schools such UIUC and Wisc Madison UWash Maryland FSU etc and top private schools such as Tufts are targets while elite non ivy schools such as USC are your reaches.

Hope this helps. And comment if you need clarification.


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