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Why and how is UT Austin more unpredictable than ivy league colleges?

A senior that I know got into most of the UC schools as an out of state student, but was rejected by UT Austin as an in state student, and I'm pretty sure she had a stellar application, but others I've heard from seem to have mid scores and activities (there are quite a few with pretty strong applications as well), but still get accepted into UT Austin.

What is the standard for UT Austin?

What parts of the application hold the most weight in these situations?

What could give me an advantage over the rest of the applicant pool?

Anyone who has been accepted into UT Austin, what did you learn from your application experience? What advice would you give future applicants?


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a year ago

Hi @flora!

People outside the top 6% in Texas high schools will have low chances of getting into UT Austin because they'll be competing with OOS applicants with strong applications. Some majors like business and CS at UT Austin are very competitive. UT Austin ends up CAPping a lot of in-state applicants, which is useless unless you want to pursue liberal arts.

To maximize your chances at UT Austin, you'll also need great non-academic involvement.

Admissions get more and more random each year. There are people out there getting rejected by targets and getting into Ivies and then there are people with essentially flawless applications only getting into safeties. That's why you need a list where you're confident about getting into at least 1-2 colleges.

Hope this helps!

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