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What is qualifies as a good SAT essay score?

I am a rising senior and took the SAT once (in November 2019)and received a 1340, 730 math and 610 english. I have done lots of prep since then, and I took an unofficial practice test and got a 1490: 800 math, 690 English. Basically, i am projected to score between 1470 and 1520 on my August 2020 SAT. That being said, I took the essay portion on my November 2019 test and got a 7, 5, 7. Is this good, and should I send it to schools? I'm planning on taking the essay again to see if I improve, and I know most schools won't take it, but is it worth sending??

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What qualifies as a good SAT essay score depends on what colleges you are applying to. Keep in mind and many colleges are not requiring the essay or not considering it right now. Historically, the UC schools like UCLA and Berkeley like to see an 18 or above, and Stanford, when they were considering the essay, would like to see a 20 or above. About 1/2 the Ivys are still considering the Essay so the higher the score the better, try to get a 20 or better. If you are applying to a top college, they fully expect you to be able to articulate your thoughts through writing and it's imperative you write well no matter what the major you are because eventually, you are going to have to explain your work even if you are an astrophysicist. Since you have a 19 already just try to bump it up a little you'll be fine no matter where you apply. Since you are near perfect on the math section, I'd spend the rest of the summer focusing on the reading/writing section. Get Erica Meltzer's book. Getting 700 English or over is desirable. All 1500 SAT scores are not the same. A 750/750 looks much better to an application reader than a 700/800 if you catch my drift. Good luck.

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It seems to be a very good but make sure the school looks at the SAT essay score or a school looks at it and report it. But if the school evaluated it, it is worth sending.

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