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Should I pursue German out of school?

My school doesn't offer German, but I have an option to pursue German out of school (via community college). I heard that colleges like to see atleast 3 years of world language, and since I already did 1 year of German in 9th grade I felt this was a good option for me to continue learning (as I will be a 11th grader next year).

However, I am worried that doing German this way would be very time consuming and I wanted to know if it is worth doing a world language like this.

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You should first determine what kind of college you want to pursue. If you have your heart set on the very best schools like T25 schools, then 3 years of a single foreign language is a must. Some schools require 4. Many top admits have completed at least 5 years including the AP version of French, Spanish, Chinese, or German. If you are not looking to apply to competitive colleges, then I wouldn't worry too much about this requirement. You can look up the minimum HS requirements for each college on their websites.

Good luck.

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