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What were your experiences with APUSH?



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2 years ago

I took APUSH and it wasn't too bad! I'd say focus on the general timeline/big movements and getting those straight in your head. It's okay not to remember every little detail and you hardly ever need specific dates. For the essays, it's more about content than writing so don't be a perfectionist--get stuff on the page! Also yes, lots of note-taking and weekly quizzes. You got this--good luck!

2 years ago

So I can’t tell you about APUSH but my expierence with AP World history is lots of note taking with weekly quizzes. And throw in a few projects like 1 every other month.

Compared to normal social studies classes it was a lot more fast paced. We typically covered 2 chapters a week so it was very fast paced.

I’m pretty sure this will hold true for APUSH however


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