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Should I apply test optional for Fall 2024 if my first SAT score was 1150 and second one was 1180?


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@Ookiijaaa year ago

It depends on the school you're applying to. If the school is selective (1250+ score average) maybe, but if the difference is just 20, I think you'll be okay so long as your extracurriculars and grades make up for it. If you do end up putting test-optional, maybe explain why in the additional information section (explaining the situation or something along the lines of "I'm not great at standardized tests" - which me neither but try to sound genuine because 1150-1180 is a great score)

@Ookiijaaa year ago

also, I'm wondering the same thing too, since I have 1150 lol

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Dhruv_Nagpala year ago

lol thx

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a year ago

I will tell you what I was told by my counselor, which is that if your SAT score is the same or higher than a college's average SAT score, then submitting your score (if you have the choice to do so or not) will more than likely help you. If your score is below the average by a significant amount, it is probably best to apply test optional if you have the ability to do so. You don't want a below average (based on the school's average) score to hurt your chances if it doesn't have to. Hope this helps, even just a little.

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