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2 years ago

So in essence if there is one class that is so easy you can do it with your eyes closed let’s say it was a history class you should study less out side of class and focus on the other APs. I’d wouldn’t be super intense about them in one of my AP classes I essentially just did the assigned reading and worksheet and then reviewed with a quizzez assigned by the teacher and got a 4.so while you can’t sleep in class you don’t have to be that “intense”

Also depending on what school you attend assuming it gives credit and for one of my tests it was APWH brown UChicago were the only ivies that gave credit for 5s only. Rice gave credit for a 4. So not all 5s is the end of the world.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification. Also good luck!

2 years ago


I don't know you much but here is what I can suggest:

1) study more and for longer sessions.

I don't know if you can but approx it can be 7-10 hrs.

2) study effectively. You should be more focused while studying and its not about studying a subject for so long. Do 2 or 3 subs a day and like study a sub for short time. Don't put all the effort on just a sub.

Rest is up to you.



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