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Advice for Balacing 5 AP Classes/Exams and College Apps

I am a rising senior and I am doing the following AP courses/exams:

1) AP Chemistry

2) AP Comp Sci Principles

3) AP Literature

4) AP Physics C Mechanics (self-study)

5) AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism (self-study)...

Firstly, I am doing the Physics C set because I want to be prepared for college classes. Based on my research, for most engineering colleges, I am not going to get credit for Physics C, but it will help me survive in those weeder classes at the beginning of my college career.

I am also applying to 18 colleges, 8 UC campuses, 3 CSU, and 7 others: (some ivies, USC,Caltech).

So basically I'd like some time management advice for fall of senior year and what to get done before the school year starts to make sure I can stay sane during the school year.


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Kudos for taking on a challenging courseload, and thinking ahead to preparing for college classes!

Since AP exams are later in the year, and college applications are earlier (especially the UC schools), you should try to get as much of your applications done as possible before school starts.

Start with your Common App essay and UC essays, as the prompts have been released. Once you have an essay you're happy with, move on to the supplemental essays, which should be released by August 1. This will knock out a huge chunk of work and save you some stress in the fall. It may be too much to complete everything before school starts (depending on your start date), but try to do as much as you can. If you finish your Common App essay before the supplements are released, you might fill out your Activities Section, and make sure the descriptions are as strong as possible.

Please back up every part of your application, however! The Common App resets on August 1, and while your info should roll over, you want to be prepared in case it doesn't.

If you want more tips on time management during this busy year, also feel free to check out this post: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-manage-time-as-a-busy-high-school-student/

Hope this helps, and good luck!

a year ago

I'd say try and create schedules ahead of time to keep yourself on track but also don't beat yourself up if you end up falling short. For studying, figure out what helps you get in the zone (music, lighting, snacks etc) and then be consistent with that. Specifically for AP Physics C (and maybe for the other classes too) I'd highly recommend the AP Live Youtube videos--they helped me so much!


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