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what else can i do to help me get into university of michigan?

I attend a very competitive public high school in michigan where a solid third of my school attends umich, another third attend michigan state, and the remaining third attend another school. UMich is my dream school, and I know that their enviornment is just what I need to further my life. Last year, I got into the mindset that I didn't want to go to UMich because I wasn't smart enough or good enough, but as a junior that's applying to college in 3 months, I have really reconsidered and at this point will do anything to be admitted. Here is a list of some things about me now:

- by the end of high school, will have taken 7/22 AP classes, 2 years of IB math, 1 year of honors math (honors math is the only honors class offered at my school) with about a 4.0 weighted gpa and 3.68 unweighted gpa

- job experience: i work at a local ski resort where i am a ski instructor but have also performed customer service experience (one of my rec letters is from my boss). i have also worked as an assistant teacher for a language school as i am biligual and was a assistant summer camp teacher in a way. this summer, i plan to get another job, most likely in retail or as a hostess

- volunteer: i havent gotten that many hours (about 25) but plan to get more this summer by becoming a volunteer archery instructor. the 25 hours ive collected have been through local farms, salvation army, and school events. i have also been part of a volunteer campaign initiative for about 4 years now

- i also am a competitive dancer, training around 30 hours a week, 10 months a year. dance takes up almost all my time, and has reflected through my lack of extracurriculars, my grades, and my mental health. however, i have won many awards through dance, have won scholarships, and certificates/invitations to selective programs. i also dance for the varsity team at my school.

- i have experience tutoring, i was an upperclassmen advisor for incoming freshmen in a club called link crew, was a member of a club, but all these roles have been very minimal

as you can see, i do not have nearly as many things as most UMich applicants have. I am aiming for a 31 ACT score (currently 27), have been digging for any internships that I could do this summer, or any last minute leadership roles I could have. If anyone has any advice on anything I should do this summer to help my application, it will deeply be appreciated. I have letters of rec figured out, and know that I'll already be studying for the ACT and writing my common app essay, but am completely open to anything that will help me get into my dream school. Anything will help, thank you!


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Im assuming you live in state so you have a good chance

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