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Hello, I really want to go to UT at Austin to study nursing. However, I am not in the top 6% im in the top 11%, and I want to know how difficult it will be to get into compared to other majors. I know UT's acceptance rate is different depending on the major you apply for, and have not found any info online about UT School of Nursing acceptance rate/admission statistics.

I have a 4.63/5 (3.72/4 unweighted) gpa and am a medical assistant and have applied knowledge in the healthcare field. I will also be working as one this summer to gain real-world healthcare experience. I have taken/plan to take AP science courses, and I also have taken AP Spanish and can read, write, and understand it well.

With these things considered, is UT Austin Nursing a realistic option for me?


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Hi @lrgdaman!

UT Nursing is a T20 nursing program, so even though it's realistic, it will be hard to get in, especially considering you're not top 6%. Business and most STEM majors at UT are highly reputed and will be difficult to get into. There is a high probability of you getting into the CAP or PACE programs. Both these programs guarantee a transfer to UT Austin Liberal Arts, so they aren't worth it if you want to get into nursing.

Unlike finance, nursing is a field where the prestige of your undergraduate institution isn't a top priority. Going to UPenn (which is #1 for nursing) isn't much different from going to some T100 program in terms of future earnings. What matters most in nursing is experience in the field of healthcare.

Hope this helps!

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