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I'm currently a junior in high school who has a good GPA (4.0 unweighted), okay SAT (1510), rigorous coursework, but NOT ENOUGH extracurriculars. I am a cambridge diploma candidate at my school (similar to an IB diploma). I've volunteered at a library and a non-profit, done tutoring as a job and as a volunteer for another non-profit, planning on doing two internships this summer (both related to bio, since that's my intended major), and also tutoring a math class that I've attended for the past 2 years. I've participated in a regional academic decathlon and got a 2nd place in chem, and I've gotten 3rd in the UK biology olympiad (I'm in the US, but my school offered a way to take it). I'm not sure what kind of a value that would have on my college resume (please include any advice on that). What else can I do to improve my extracurriculars? Volunteering at a hospital is not an option for me.

Dream schools are UCLA and JHU btw


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Expanding upon your volunteer work with the non-profits that you've worked with is a good start. Pursue leadership positions or start initiatives (like organizing/leading certain events) within those organizations or even better, start your own non profit. Your internships and jobs are really good! Start a science related club at your school (Science Honor Society if it doesn't already exist; if it does, then pursue leadership roles in it), and continue competing science competitions. Cold email professors for research assistant roles or even collaborative research if you think you're capable of that. Your internships are probably the strongest ECs that you have, and currently your other ECs form a great basis for development into something more! Also if you don't mind me asking, what are the two internships that you plan to do?

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