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07/20/2020 at 02:32AM[edited]

Should I accept an internship from a new/suspicious looking company?

Hello, I found an internship in LinkedIn and they emailed me telling me to send a resume. However, I went to the website and the company is suspicious looking. It is also run by college/high school students? Should I send my resume? Should I take this opportunity?

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07/20/2020 at 02:45AM

If you didn’t apply (Unless someone you know personally recommended you or were headhunted but headhunting is for professionals) stay away also a resume can have personal info and also if the internship has no info on duties I’d back the h-|| away. Also if it run by students it depends on the recognition of it or if you know the founders. If I (midwest) got a internship offer from someone I didn’t know in Maine I’d delete it.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@julylilys07/20/2020 at 02:49AM

I actually found it on LinkedIn and I commented "Interested." They asked for my email and they contacted me but I'm not sure if I should do it since they are a new company.

@DebaterMAX07/20/2020 at 03:02AM

So bcuz you were interested and it is (I believe unpaid internship) there is nothing wrong with Being part of a new company/organization there’s is a whole buisness dedicated to new companies (venture capitalists/ shark tank) so don’t say no just becuase it’s new. My mom worked with a company and part of her duties was to make a new website and logo and a bad website indicates newness/ little experience. Just becuase it’s new it’s not a no