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How do you determine if you like a college campus over another one? I recently did a virtual tour of MSU and ASU and I like both I just can't determine which one I like better


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As a person of color you should pick the school where you feel you will make the most friends and get community support if they are both equal to you. Plus consider other factors like housing, food (like availability of different kinds of food), weather/climate, access to culture, ease of getting to and from airports.

MSU is not a very diverse place with only 5% Asians and 4% LatinA. ASU is like 50% LatinA and 5% Asian. So the kinds of people you will meet will be very different. MSU is close to 70% White while ASU is 30%. Climate wise, there is only 1 season in Arizona - HOT and HOTTER. While there are 4 seasons in Michigan. Population wise East Lansing has less than 50,000 people and ASU is in the greater Phoenix area with close to 2 million people. I don't know if you are picky about food but you are not going to find a lot of ethic food in E.Lansing compared to the Phoenix area either.

During the Summer, you have to think about where you can get internships and work experience so you have to think about what school will give you close access to opportunities as a college student if you are not traveling back home. I think having access to a larger metropolitan area will afford you that better.

Also, consider Greek life as a measurement of what is available socially on campus. MSU being a more isolated campus has about twice as much Greek life on campus than ASU. This means more people joining Frats and Sororities and using Greek Venues as a means to network, socializing, and dating.

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