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I'm stuck between taking an AP or an honors class

Next year, for my junior year, I signed up for AP us history, but I'm having doubts on if I should take it or not. I hear it's pretty hard, and they get a lot of work, but if I don't take it as an AP class, then the only ap I'll be taking is psychology. I know that class rigor is an important part. I already take all honors classes minus gym and science courses, but I'm afraid it won't be enough

@razansalih8 days ago

Hello, I am a junior and I took APUSH this year it isn't bad it's just a lot of work and writing. If you're good at history it's a good class to take.

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10 days ago

Hi! I am a junior here. Honestly if you feel like you could take up with all those classes, I will say go for it. I personally have not take AP US HISTORY but my friends took it and some did and did not enjoy it. You can talk to your counselor, the US history teacher or students who have taken it how the class is like to prepare. Remember to not overwork yourself.

7 days ago

If the AP is going to benefit your long-term career goals you should, but also its senior year and shouldn't be too stressed. I don't know if your school allows it but switch if you don't feel like you'll be able to handle the class.


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