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Which college and why?

Hi. I am a high school graduate,soon to begin college. Next spring hopefully. I have been caught up in a gap year, or years since 2021 and as I'll be going off to college soon,I want to make a college choice that I will be happy with.

I know that there is no perfect school. But what do I look for in a college to get the best out of my enrollment there? Academically AND in other aspects? I am certain of some attributes that I seek such as :

safety of the campus,

a diverse student body

an excellent academic environment,

exposure to opportunities and scholarships

an ambient campus

and good, comfortable dormitories.

What are your contributions? Especially from those of you who have had or are still having college experiences of your own.

Secondly, I am looking at a choice of college within the texas territory. Are there any colleges you would recommend and why?


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11 months ago

Hallmark University in San Antonio is one of the safest schools in Texas. They also have a large Hispanic population. They do also offer scholarships.

11 months ago

Hi @annie_m!

The University of Houston is a pretty diverse place and is in one of the most diverse cities in the US (not just in TX). Don't know about the dorms though since it's a commuter school.

Some other colleges are UTA, UNT, UT Austin, and Rice. UT Austin and Rice are pretty hard to get into, so I'd keep other options available.

Hope this helps!

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