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How screwed am I? (help!!)


Semester grades are almost here, but there is almost a 100% chance I'll have a C in one of my classes (1st sem was 7 classes, 6 A's and 1 B.) This semester, I had 8 classes and it's very likely I'll have 6 As, 1 B, and 1 C. However, it is also possible I'll have 5 As, 2 Bs, and 1 C, though I'm not counting on it. My question is: how screwed am I? Junior year is the most closely analyzed by teams and my grades currently show a downward trend. The only way I see fit to redeem myself is to include information that may help me out (I was directing a theatre show late in the second semester, and during the week of performances, my lead actress got COVID. I had a few days to step in and learn the entire role. My grades slipped as a result.) However, I don't know how much credit or slack I'll get from that (I'm assuming not a lot). I'm looking for insight beyond what I can imagine (what I'll imagine is that I'll get rejected because the trend went down). Help!! :(


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Hi @aesthetic_artery!

You have a lot of A's, so one C isn't going to completely screw up your chances. The evaluation of your C is very subjective. It also depends on what class the C is in. If it's a random class, it's okay. However, if you're applying as an economics major and get a C in economics, that'd be a different case.

Hope this helps!

9 days ago

First, don't stress about it.

Ask your teacher if there is a possibility you can get extra credit. If not try to make it up in your senior year, but don't overwork yourself.

If you have a good GPA, getting a C in a class in your junior year won't make a big difference.

You definitely will not get rejected from a C, so try not to stress so much.

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