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Hello, I have a 3.58 gpa can I still get into Columbia University or Boston University?

I'm a Junior. I also have a perfect ACT score and I have a couple of extracurricular activities can they balance it out?

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9 months ago

Hi Razan Salih, I hope you are well. Answering your question, you absolutely could, but you need to improve in your SAT to show your high level, adding your extracurricular should be strong too. With this formula doesn't matter if you don´t have a perfect GPA, but you need to improve the other areas of your application to show a balance. Best Greetings!!

9 months ago


I'm kind of in between the two opinions above.

Here is why:

Your GPA is a 3.58 (I'm assuming unweighted).

My first question is, why is it low? Is it because the classes that you took were too hard, or because you simply didn't study for the super easy classes.

Also, did you try in the classes that brought your GPA down?

Your ACT and GPA don't really match the typical story, which is why I'm asking.

Your answers to the questions above could change your admissions story.

9 months ago[edited]

Hi @razansalih, I do not agree with the super-positive reply from the other respondent because every applicant at these schools is evaluated holistically across literally dozens and dozens of criteria. GPA is a threshold marker and typically admits in the T50, especially those in the T20, have a substantially higher GPA. At Columbia, 96% of admits were in the top 10% of their class. And those who were not are typically recruited athletes, legacies, children of faculty, or some VIP/child of a wealthy donor. Most hooked applicants including those who are Black, LatinA, and indigenous are in the top 10% of their Class. At BU, the GPA standards are lower so 75% of the admits were in the top 10% of their Class.

You have very little chance of getting admitted to Columbia unless you are multiple-hooked and have some amazing skill or talent. At BU you have some chance but not a great one since a 3.58 GPA would put you in the 10th decile of admits, meaning 90% have a higher GPA than that.

If you are an ALDC hooked or have other hooks, the odds go up.

Good luck

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