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Before I took the SAT, I decided to choose colleges to send my score to because my teacher said that it will show that I'm interested in attending there. I got my results back and it was lower than what I was anticipating. The schools I'm considering aren't very selective, and I have a high chance at all of them, but I'm scared that my low SAT score is going to affect my chances. Is there a way to still apply test-optional? When I apply test-optional during the application process, will they consider my Collegeboard scores since I sent them? Is there a way to make sure they don't use them? Since Collegeboard doesn't allow you to unsend scores, I'm nervous that they will see it regardless.

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Once you submit your SAT score or pre-approve that CollegeBoard sends your SAT scores you only have 24 hours from the test date to communicate to Collegeboard to change that for a FEE. After 24 hours from the time you took the test, you have to live with the decision.

Since these schools already have your SAT test scores, you can't expect them to un-see them and apply test-optional. You can of course apply test-optional but the" cat is out the bag" as the old saying goes and unless each college as a special procedure in place to redact the SAT scores they have received, they will see them regardless.

Your choices are to retake the SAT this summer and fall and improve your scores or to contact each college that has your SAT scores and ask them directly what their policy is with regard to redacting your SAT scores from the college application process. Who knows what they will do? Good luck.

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