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Who should I ask for recommendation letters?

I am currently in my senior year(where I live the school year is from January to December). I plan on asking my teachers for rec letters. I want to know which teachers I should ask. Also, if it helps, I need to two teacher rec letters and I have 6 subjects.


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So rule of thumb is your counselor and a subject teacher (likely the field you will major in so STEM ask a math teacher) and for elite schools ask a humanities (social studies history English) and a STEM teacher (science math). If your favorite teacher has a good relationship with you should try to get him/her to write a letter over anyone else unless your major has an exact class of that at your school and you took it. You study Statistics in college you should ask your AP Stat teacher.

You can also ask a coach for a letter such as a baseball coach or someone you work for such as your supervisor at your work.

Make sure you have a teacher student or a professional relationship with them. No family or family friends.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.


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