2 years ago
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Do colleges favor students that hold a leadership position in school?

I've heard from people that colleges value students that hold a leadership position within the school. I have held positions outside of school for many years. I am going to be a rising senior. I have been in many clubs(such as UNICEF, and Red Cross) but I've never held an actual position. Due to COVID-19, I am not sure if there will be opportunities for me next year to hold a position. Also, I have other ecs that I am a part of so I don't know if I will have enough time. Should I try to get a position?


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2 years ago

So leadership is impressive no matter where but it semi depends on its scale. Being the chess club officer with no notable accomplishments is not as highly valued as a internship with a Fortune500 company or a very prestigious award such as ranked internationally in a outside school event. But the opposite is true.

But if you have the exact same EC expect one is school based the other is community I’d say it’s a break even as neither is more advantageous.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

2 years ago

If it's possible to get a position definitely do so, possibly by considering clubs that you'd be able to contribute to online. If you're good at explaining concepts maybe tutor online. Volunteering centered clubs are a huge opportunity. you could volunteer in your neighborhood doing grocery runs while filming it for your school club, or by distributing masks in places where they're not easy to come by, helping out your nearby hospital by bringing the hard-working nurses and doctors some coffee. But if you cant maybe contact someone you were working with when you help positions outside to write a supplementary letter. You ask your school counselor to include your outside involvement and leadership in his/her recommendation


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