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Should I get an english recommendation to offset a bad foreign language score?


I moved away from my home country around age 3 and learned in a country where English was the main teaching language for 11 years. I moved back just before starting high school but my grades in my national language are horrible. I took beginner classes in freshman and sophomore year and barely got c's. But I had to take normal classes in junior year and I got an F which dropped my GPA from a 3.96 to a 3.48! I'm considering getting my English teacher to write a recommendation in place of the spot some colleges use for social science teachers or others because I did really exceptionally in English class compared to my peers. But would that really make a difference?


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Depending on the major if it is anything English based definitely and if your major is in STEM I’d say yes. If it is a humanizes major in Social Studies. Also what is your relationship with the English teacher if you are part of his/her club definitely but if you have a stellar relationship with a history teacher and a so so relationship with your English teacher I’d advise against it.

I saw on a article a admissions dean said his biggest pet peeve was like warm rec letters.

So make of that what you will but I’d recommend the English teacher.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

Sorry Luke warm not like warm autocorrect happened
I’m aiming for a physics or engineering major and my English teacher would write a good recommendation
So in that case I’d absolutely ask make sure to give plenty of time for the LoR to be written
Also how were you expectional when you got an F. I’m curious about that and that may be a good essay about overcoming challenges/change
There’s a huge internet problem in my country right now so that’s probably a good idea. Thank you so much :)
Your welcome! Best of luck.
I got an F in the local language but consistent A+ in English. Always near the top of my grade. In second term I managed to get an a- in the local language because of online learning and lots of help from friends and I’m guessing that king of a jump should count for some hard work points even though the subject itself isn’t integral to what I plan to study
Ah still yes. A English rec letter would be great especially if you are looking to go for schools in the US Britian Australia.
Great :)
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You have an interesting story to write directly or indirectly in an essay, and I would suggest you do that. Couple this with a recommendation from your english professor and ideally a good score in ACT/SAT. Finally, if you want to study engineering then your local language grades will be less important than if you want to study linguistics. Good luck !

I haven’t taken the sat yet but in practice tests I’m getting around a 730 in math and a 760 in English and the idea to mention this in an essay is great thank you!