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Anything I can do to be a better canidate for admission?

I'm sure this is what literally every junior ever is wondering but I'm still going to ask. Im going into my senior year of HS and want to know if there is anything I can do to make me a better applicant to certain schools.

The schools I plan on applying to are:

(Reaches) Umich, BC, Middlebury, UCLA, Stanford, Princeton, Rice, Upenn, Northwestern, UChicago, Yale

(targets) UMiami, UT Austin

(Safeties) Salve Regina, UVM, UCSC, UWashington

These are my stats

4.2 Unweighted GPA

1440 SAT

6 AP (Lang, gov, macro, physics, Calc AB,Lit) , 5 Honors classes (all in humanities and science, no math), 2 College classes (Dual enrollment)

I'm in Art Club, Outdoors Club, and NHS

I sail for our varsity team for 2 years (including my senior year) and have sailed 3 years total

I was on a committee to select our schools new principal

I work as a swim instructor

I volunteer at a soup kitchen

I work as a primary election supervisor in my state

My college essay topic is about how living in Nicaragua as a child gave me a unique perspective on the world that I am grateful for even when sometimes I wish I had never lived there. (I'm white American btw)

I intend to Major in Naval Architecture, Architecture, or Product design depending on the university.

Thank You!


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10 months ago

One thing I would do is change up your college list because it looks like you are shotgunning a bunch of reach schools with very low admission rates. As a White woman, you are not in the best demographic. I'm assuming you are not a hooked applicant, not a legacy, not a child of faculty, not recruited athlete, not a VIP/wealthy donor kid nor are you a person of color or low income. Therefore it's going to be hard to get into most of your reaches.

One of my HS classmates goes to the Webb Institute of Naval Architecture in Long Island. I think you should look into that. If you are qualified, everyone that attends gets free tuition and you just have to pay for room and board. You live in a former Mansion on the LI Sound and I think the total enrollment is around 100 for all grades.


And I would also look into the Coast Guard academy in CT, and Annapolis Naval Academy as well. Both would probably give you bumps on your admissions because you are a good swimmer and sailor.

My list for you is a little different because it's based on schools that have good sailing teams both women's and coed and good Naval and reg Architecture programs. You may still qualify to walk on if you like sailing and want to pursue it in college.

Reaches - Stanford, BC, Tufts, Brown, Cornell, Tulane, Yale, Dartmouth, Georgetown, UPenn, Bowdoin, UMich, WashU, RICE

Targets - Connecticut College, GWU, Hobart/William Smith, UCSB, Syracuse, UWashington, Texas A&M

Safeties - Salve Regina, UVM, UCS, Univ. Rhode Island, Roger Williams

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