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Junior year scheduling woes...

I'm at the end of my sophomore year of high school and have already registered for most of my junior year classes, but I'm wondering if I should ask my counselor about potentially changing my schedule to make my classes more rigorous, since I'm not taking as many classes at a time throughout my junior year when compared to my sophomore year.

This was my sophomore year schedule:

AP Psychology

Honors Latin 4

AP Comparative Gov.

Honors Chemistry

AP US Gov.

AP Lang

Honors Pre-calc

And this is my tentative junior year schedule:

AP Bio + Honors lab

Honors Latin 5

AP Lit

TA Period

Calculus I/Statistics (Fall/Spring at local college, both AP weight)

American I/II (local college, both AP weight)

I was decently stressed out during the past school year, barely maintaining A's (and my pre-calc grade is still right on the verge of becoming a B for the year), but it could have definitely gone a lot worse than it has. I'm debating whether or not I should take APUSH and risk being overwhelmed or getting lower grades so that I can also take macro/microeconomics at the college I'm dual enrolled with on top of my required American history credit (I haven't registered for my college classes yet and macro and micro aren't offered at my school, which sucks because that's kinda half of what I plan on majoring in, and if I take American History with the college I can only take macro OR micro during my senior year...) Any suggestions/advice?

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10 months ago

I would highly recommend not taking so many classes if the preceding schedule was harsh itself. High school is important but so is having an outside like jobs, extracurriculars, volunteering. If your sophomore year schedule was barely going on, it’s recommended you not take such harsh classes. I made this mistake my junior year and my GPA is now suffering the harsh consequences. Limit it to 2-3 APs and focus on strengthening your apps with volunteering, jobs or even honing your hobbies.

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