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I currently have two C's on my high school record one in math 2 honors (75) and Chemistry Honors(76) I want to know specifically if a college looks at my transcript they will take note in this, however these classes did not affect my gpa. I want to major in international Business, these classes do not have anything to do with that major how will they view them?


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4 years ago

So your transcript is generally one of the biggest things that colleges look at to determine your likelihood of succeeding at their school; it also provides a great sense of how you performed in high school. Keep in mind, though, that when colleges are looking at your transcript, they're looking at the whole thing. If you have mostly B's and just a few C's, and your GPA falls in the B range, they're likely going to see you as a solid B student, despite the few C's. The same would apply if you had mostly B's and a few A's: colleges will still probably see you as a solid B student.

Another thing to consider is that colleges look favorably on students that challenge themselves by taking harder courses, as you've done here. Earning a C in honors chemistry may actually be more beneficial than getting a B in standard chemistry, because it shows that you pushed yourself to take a harder course. The same applies with your math course!

My recommendation would be to try to focus on bringing your math grade up this year—while chemistry generally isn't too important for business, there is a fair amount of math involved in business (think about accounting, finance, etc.) Demonstrating your ability to excel in math this year could help offset the relatively weaker grade from last year.

3 years ago

Yes, of course, they will see your Cs on the transcript your high school counselor submits. They will not help your admissions chances but hurt them.

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