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Is it too late?

I am an incoming high school senior with an extremely low gpa(around 2.6). I was working a sales job full time and only attending school for tests. My question is it too late? I am in California and I hope to ideally attend a UC so I know that they don’t see my senior year grades during my application. I am quite confident with all my time focused on school I will be able to maintain all As while taking three AP courses. Will it even make a difference Since my GPA of Sophmore and junior don’t meet UC entrance requirements? Should I finish senior year with a 4.0 and take a gap year so that it is included in my accumulative GPA?Please only helpful feedback I know that I messed up I am just trying to pick up the pieces if I still even can.

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Honestly, research community colleges that offer transfer options. Colleges mainly look at freshman to junior year accomplishments so it’s a little late for a more traditional path. What it’s absolutely not late for is getting really good community college grades for two years and transferring to something prestigious later — you already start your bachelor’s instead of delaying with a gap year, and a better shot at a good university than taking a gap year.

@annap_cv10 months ago

Not to mention that many outstanding students take this route because it’s cheaper with similar job outcomes as somebody going to university straight away.

@annap_cv10 months ago

That said — still try UC schools and emphasize extenuating circumstances for economic reasons (needing to work). Just know that the community college route is really popular and very successful as far as getting employment later. Like 3 of my teachers took this route and are making 130k+ in their 40s.

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