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what should i write my college essay on?

i have a few ideas going into this summer as a rising senior and I am thinking of writing my essay on the following ideas, let me know if you have any more ideas and which one you like:

1) base it around a quote from a Roman philosopher, Seneca, from where I am in Spain Cordoba, which says, "Life is long if you know how to live it". Write about how I was a mischievous child but learned my priorities and want to appreciate everything. Also note my whole family went a school which I would've gone to in high school if I wasn't in the US, called Seneca. Very famous historic figure in my town.

2) write about milk. literally. write about how having a glass of warm milk from where I am in a humble part of Spain with my grandma over the summer changed my perspective as a hispanic living in the US seeking higher education.

3) Write about my accomplishments in the first paragraph, and then say, "I am none of those things, I am (my name)" or preferably something funny here that fits in with my personality, like this is just a bizarre example but like I am a believer in being able to see gravity or something.

Do you guys think that using a quote is kind of back for an essay?

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