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2 PART QUESTION. Transfer student chances of getting accepted and SAT help?

Ok so just to be brief, I'm a highschool senior this fall and I'm about to start taking dual enrollment classes at my local community college while in highschool. Doing that by the time I graduate I should have at least 24 college credits on my transcript which is amazing. My dream school is UF (University of Florida) and I've watched a ton of videos on how to get accepted on Youtube. I remember watching this one video of a girl who got accepted and she said that taking dual enrollment classes is a huge boost to help yourself get admitted because you get all the college credits just by passing the class which ultimately looks good to the college admission officers because the more credits you have means the less money they/you would have to spend for you to take those courses with them and it shows that you challenge yourself to take rigorous college classes which is also a plus. So after that I did some research and found that by doing dual enrollment I would/could be considered a college transfer student because I'll have a college GPA, records in the college system, and getting the same credits everyone else at a college is getting just earlier on in highschool which makes sense. So after I found that out I did some more research about college transfer students since that's what I would be and what I've found is that a lot of students who initially get rejected by their dream school (non dual enrollment students) go to a "lower" college then once they get some of credits, reapply to their dream school as a transfer student and then get accepted which is sort of like what dual enrollment is in the first place except they don't get rejected during the first step. So my question is since I'll be considered a transfer student because I took college courses while in highschool does that mean I'll probably get accepted into UF? I know there's not a for sure yes or no answer because admission officers look at other factors too but I'm just wondering if by being classified as a transfer student will my odds of getting accepted be good?

Also, I'm getting ready to take the SAT in September if everything works out and I was just wondering if there were any websites or sources I could use to study for it. I do not have any money to buy a SAT study book or pay for any tutors so I'm having trouble finding a really good reference to study and get my ideal score of 1300 on the SAT. The only thing I hear people talk about to help with the SAT for free is KhanAcademy. KhanAcademy isn't bad but personally when I go on there I don't feel like I'm learning or improving. So I was wondering if there was anything else I could use or do for free to help me study?

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So just a tip please break up your paragraphs. :-)

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So dual enrollment is very impressive rigor wise but compared to AP it is difficult to compare it due to standardization. Also even if you have 100 credits of DE you would be a freshman first time student not a transfer student. But you do have a huge boost if the college has a relationship with UF so standardization is more smooth. I know the state of Washington has UW WashSt and other 4 years plus community colleges have the same class ID system as each other so transfer is more smooth but it can still work regardless of the system/relationship in place it may just be a bit more complicated.

Also for Ivy+ schools (HYP MIT Stanford rice etc) the transfer rate is appx 1/3 to 1/4 of the admit rate. (Very rule of thumb-y).

Also for UF you should have a really good chance high 80s assuming you have strong ECs (don’t need to be exceptional just strong)

UF transfer admit rate is 47% compared to normal admit rate of 34%

So for free SAT prep I found this link


Also supertutortv on YouTube and supertutortv.com has some college admission tips and the prep strategy like timing is free in blog/video format. I’d heavily recommend you check it out.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification. And best of luck with UF!

4 years ago

Hey @KDennis, really great questions! I'll do my best to give you a comprehensive answer. To start, I'd recommend that you reach out to UF's Admissions Office in order to make sure you get the most accurate answer. While I'm confident in my response the only way for you to be 100% sure if you would be a transfer student or not is to confirm with UF personally.

Onto the answers. Take a look at this link from the Florida Department of Education: http://www.fldoe.org/core/fileparse.php/5421/urlt/DualEnrollmentFAQ.pdf. It's an FAQ regarding Duel Enrollment (so I think it would be helpful for you to read over in general) and #26 is relevant to you. I've included the most important part for you below:

"...first-time-in-college freshman are defined as students who have earned a standard high school diploma from a Florida public or regionally accredited high school, or its equivalent, and who have earned fewer than twelve (12) semester hours of transferable college credit after receiving a standard high school diploma or its equivalent."

The key word in that answer is AFTER. You will have earned your credits BEFORE you received your high school diploma and will be considered a first time-in-college freshman as @DebaterMAX mentioned. Happy to expand on that answer if needed or I can answer any follow-ups you might have.

For the SAT studying part, I'm curious why you don't feel like you're learning anything from Khan Academy? They're a great resource, especially for free, so I'm wondering if it's just how they present the material, the fact it's online, or something else. Many libraries have SAT books from multiple publishers you can borrow which I would consider (if libraries are open near you). I have even heard of some that have free online classes you can take as long as you have a library card which might be something to look into. Another website I would recommend is https://www.cracksat.net/index.html. They have a lot of full practice tests for both the SAT and SAT II as well as previous official SAT tests. If you want something that isn't online I can look for more resources for you and I'm more than happy to recommend tips/tricks for taking the SAT and making the most of your practice tests.

Good luck with the rest of your applications and let me know if I can answer anything else for you!

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