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How do I supplement my application if applying test-optional?


I recently retook the SAT and am awaiting my score. Until then, I am considering applying test-optional to several top schools (think Ivies) but using my April SAT score to schools that are not as much of a reach. My April SAT score was 1360 (740 RW, 620 M). My target for this one was 1450 and the possibility is on the table, but again, we will wait and see the results. If possible, I do not want to retake it (I have taken 3 PSATs and the SAT once already and raised my first-ever PSAT score from 1150 to whatever SAT score I get in two weeks).

My question is, with the colleges I'm looking at applying to, I will most definitely need something to supplement my application because the test score is not being sent (again, possibly. If I get 1500 magically, yes, I'm sending, but I doubt it). My extracurriculars/achievements I consider above average, but I will need more than that. Below are the achievements (I am going to start my senior year in the fall):

- Third in the state for an environmental essay contest

- Part of principal's and superintendent's advisory councils (on the broader scale, I will have six leadership positions minimum next year, 3 are school/district, and more decisions will come out later).

- One of six finalists for a district-wide board of education position

- Headed the communications department for a school tradition (can elaborate more if necessary) and got the Chief Scientist and Senior VP of the WWF to present for us.

- Accepted to (and attending!) Northwestern's CIERA REACH program this summer (summer research in astrophysics, got accepted on a full ride to both parts of the program, and may (heavy on the may) work with a research team more long-term during the school year in hopes of publishing/coauthoring something)

-Selected for 3 local and state choir/theatre performances

- Wrote and submitted two plays for contests

Those are all I have off the top of my head. Here are the schools I'm considering:

REACH: Carleton, NYU, UChicago, Swarthmore, Dartmouth, Columbia (more are on the list but these are confirmed)

TARGET: Case Western Reserve University, UC Irvine

SAFETY: Syracuse, Florida Poly, High Point

Just in case it helps you, grades are A's and B's with the exception of freshman year (mental health and COVID). I will complete 9 APs in school, with an additional 2 I self-studied. It is very likely I'll get the highest AP award this year (awards were updated, so the most selective one is still not as selective as before). Again, for certain schools, 1360 will work fine, but what do I need to do to make my other applications more competitive if test-optional?

Thanks so much!! :) <3


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