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how should I expand my extracurriculars as a rising senior applying to colleges in the fall

I started looking at colleges and I realized that compared to other applicants I have very few extracurriculars. During covid I lived with strict relatives (who didn't want me to join clubs at all) so I wasn't able to join any clubs at school for my first two years of high school. And I only joined one online volunteer organization during that period so that was basically it for me.

I moved last year (for junior year) and did not join many clubs as I am really shy and sort of antisocial so all I got currently is

1. a Tutoring position at the mentioned online volunteer organization (tutoring since freshman year)

2. Social media manager of one of my school's clubs.

I know this isn't enough for colleges and I want to know how I could expand on them.

I also want to know if a hobby of mine can count as an EC: I ran a social media account surrounding my favorite author since eighth grade and have a couple hundred followers on there.

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10 months ago

I also struggle with extracurriculars (and am also a rising senior!)- as I had very little that had motivated me to take them up until recently (I did not think I wanted to go to college) But what I think could help you is your volunteering hours, maybe ask some teachers (based on your major) if you could do an independent study, which would greatly improve your chances and make you look more impressive. If you can, leadership positions could also be helpful! You're already a manager of social media so that's a good thing! To colleges you'd look passionate about tech and communications, so maybe delve further into that? Just make your senior year one that keeps you active, and colleges will likely see an improvement!

Try your best to follow your interests, colleges don't like to see random "add ons" for the sake of doing well in college, and try and join a club or activity that follows this!

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