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why are my chances so low?

My resume and GPA(3.85)/SAT(1310) are okay, if not kind of above average. Applying as a psychology major, why are my chances only 2% for UT Austin? That seems unusually low, especially for the College of Liberal Arts. I am an incoming senior.

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If you are an in state student, you should get automatic admission if you are in the top 6% of your high school. I've heard that since they do so much autoadmit, chances go down for people who aren't automatically in...

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4 years ago

Try clicking on your chancing and look at the breakdown by category--for your GPA, course rigor, SAT, ACT, and ECs, it will show you how you compare to other applicants. My guess is if your GPA and SAT are good for UT Austin, your ECs or course rigor are low. Also, double check your chancing profile for typos! Could be as simple as a missed mistake.

4 years ago

So I’d assume the algorithm says it is single digits becuase it a combo of rigor and ECs as your stats are very in the middle of the middle 50%.

Becuase your school may not have a lot of rigor disregard that and look at the classification of your gpa sat and ECs they should all be strong or excellent if you input it correctly.

I’d assume it is due to your rigor.

So search Ut Austin in the school list open the thing and go to chancing and check your classification.

Also this is an algorithm so it is nowhere near perfect it is however IMO best available. Also demographics ability to pay and state of residence are factored in. UT Austin is actually easier for out of state students to get in percentage wise at least. And UT isn’t need blind so that may factor in.

As a ball park I’d guesstimate you’re chance is in the high 20s. (With strong/good SAT and GPA I’d assume your ECs are merely strong.)

Best of luck and hope this helps. Comment if you need clarification.

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