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Do I still get a chance to be admitted to a top 10 biz school with a B in my transcript?

I am a junior student, and I was a straight A student but I got a B in my second semester of junior year for AP calculus. My GPA is 4.019. Do I still get a chance to get admitted to a top 10 biz school?

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11 months ago

Of course, you have an excellent chance.

The question you should be asking is something else, however.

If you want to eventually have a "front office" job in investment banking, trading, or being a quant at a firm like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan/Chase, or BofA then you should think about getting an MBA from a top school like Harvard, Yale, NYU, Stanford, Columbia, CMU, MIT, USC, UCLA. etc. The only school that fits the same clout undergrad is UPenn Wharton and with a less than 4% admit rate, it's super hard to get in even if you have straight As.

So spend some time researching careers and figuring out what degrees you need to succeed in them before you commit to doing an undergrad BIZ degree. Personally, I think it would be better to get a liberal arts degree from the best school you can get into and then get your MBA from a top 10 grad school that has a solid track record in placing their graduates. Plus you will make about 2X the starting salary depending on where you go.

Good luck.

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