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Are A levels enough for Ivy league Universities

I am interested in majoring CS at UC Berkeley or Cornell . Currently I am studying at an online school which doesn't have AP's as part of their curriculum but do offer AP's as a part time paid program.

I would like to know if cracking levels and SAT be enough or do I need to do AP's too.

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a year ago

I suggest you should look it up per the college you're trying to apply to :

- some colleges will request you to convert your A level exam to a GPA for them to work, while some can simply ask to for the transcript and they'll figure it out ( as some value is lost when converting grades from one system for another)

- many schools do emphasize it = if your school doesn't offer any kind of AP - mention it, as they'll review your application with this in mind ( You can't compare yourself to others with a resource only they have)

- Lastly, getting a high SAT score - it's pretty much hard to say. Sure, SAT score is important, but it's just another factor - as you know there are hundreds of perfect SAT scores submitted to colleges annually, so admitting one over the other is pretty much a matter of essays and other aspects in your application. It's pretty much like a "cutoff" standard, but of course even if you don't get the "perfect SAT score" keep in mind that even everything will be "perfect" - SAT, grades, and essays. You can still get deferred while another student with "not so perfect" stats will be admitted - Take this in the positive way as to not deter you from applying despite not being "perfect" as colleges do see your qualities through your essays and decide accordingly.

a year ago

omg i'm doing A-Levels too and my counsellor says that yes it is enough because most if not all the content in A-Level subjects are in AP exams, or at least it's similar content. so AO know the rigour of A-Levels. So it really depends on your predicted grades or your school transcript. and if your planning to submit scores, your SAT as well.

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