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AP Research or AP Lang?


Hey all,

I am in the process of choosing my classes that I want for my schedule this upcoming school year. One of my classes, AP Research, depended on if I passed AP Seminar or not. I did get the qualifying score for AP Seminar so I'm cleared to take AP Research. After doing some research, I'm not sure if AP Research is right for me, and I am thinking of transferring to AP Lang. I want to be a biology major (to become an orthopedic surgeon). In the long run, which class would be better for me to take? I understand that taking AP in general is showing colleges that I like to challenge myself, but would AP Research look better as in undergrad you do partake in some research? Thanks in advance! :)


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Just based off of that I agree that you should take AP Research and try to undertake some sort of research project geared towards biology. It would be a great supplement with a Science Research class which most high schools offer, plus Bio AP and Bio Subject tests which I highly recommend you take also. If you are going to apply to competitive (t20) colleges you should try to take both/as many AP classes as possible. I don’t have much to say about AP Research but from what I’ve heard is that it is a LOT of writing, debating, analysis, essays, papers, etc, so it honestly sounds like AP Lang but with a less specific focus; maybe you can turn it into some sort of a science showcase.