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• 07/21/2020 at 10:47PM •
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Any ideas for a tutoring club in high school?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am interested in starting a tutoring club. I do not know what kind of tutoring we would do besides peer tutoring. But, I would not find this beneficial because students can help each other with their work in and out of the school campus. Teachers are also available before and after the school day. I had an idea of getting in touch with local tutoring organizations and tutoring children in elementary school, but I do not know exactly how that would work out.


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• 07/21/2020 at 11:47PM[edited]

hi- my school doesn’t have a tutoring club but we have a lot of on-school tutoring which i’ll share my experiences with. as for a club, you could name it an "academic service "club or “peer tutoring” club where students are rewarded in some sense for mentoring other students. this could be in extra credit points in certain classes (you’d have to find teachers willing to implement them) or in my school, peer tutoring is a requirement for any honor society and the amount varies (i.e. for French it’s 1x/year but for English it’s 10x/year, etc. it’s really up to the advisor’s discretion) so it’s actively encouraged. it’s always tutoring middle school students (cause i attend a grades 7-12 school) so if you have a local middle school you can also partner it in this way. you could also set up some sort of a tutoring center where people can just walk in and there will be student volunteers on hand ready to help them. it would be a lot of work, but you should run it in a way such that there are students who go there to be tutored and they are set up with an older/more experienced student. there should also be a way that you can background check the students - simplest way to do this is have an application and have a grade-based requirement. i.e you need to have an A+ in regular level, A in honors, and A- in ap level to be eligible to tutor. you should also figure out whether it’s a general tutoring, subject-speific (like having a foreign language/math/sci/english/soc tutoring if you can get enough people). if you’re doing this through the school, the quality of the tutoring needs to be checked and there should also be some incentive cause the kids aren’t getting paid. maybe if you talk to your administrators you can get it set up as a community service initiave. good luck!!!


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