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Summer credits at different school


I am not very happy with my junior year grades and want to show colleges that there is more to me than a few personal issues that have happened during my junior year. So I have registered with an online accredited high school that uses a Canadian system, even though I study at an American school. In the CommonApp, I am concerned as to whether or not these classes I took during the summer will contribute towards my application and show colleges that I am more than personal issues. Would that be an efficient way of showing universities? And if so, will colleges look at these courses? Thanks :)

You should probably talk with your guidance counselor to see if your school district has a virtual school you can attend. Sometimes, they will let you re-take a class. Or, if you are signed up for DE classes, see if you can take a couple online courses at your local community college. They might not count toward DE, but if you get good grades, they may count toward college credit and help boost your chances.
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Hey, here’s my advice. I did summer school for credit to advance a level in science by taking chemistry a year early. I got credit for the class which allowed me to skip a “grade” so even though I did not go to summer school for the same reason as you I know what you’re talking about. I will be quite honest I am not sure if you will get any academic boost from those classes. The way (to my knowledge) summer school works is you re-take a course either at your high school or a high school that partners with yours, you get credit for the class, and your grades replace the class which you failed, raising your GPA. If this is an online-only program then it might not be as legit. If it was an in-person program that got made online cause of COVID it might be less sketchy. I’ll be honest the fact that you’re taking high school courses at a school in a completely different country raises a flag for me that this might not be a “summer school” but rather one of those online course certification things where you just take a course to learn, but not receive high school credit. As far as I am concerned in order to get credit you hav etc take the class at your high school or a high school that your school approves for credit-bearing courses. You need to check w admin/guidance to ask them if this is 1st) legitemate, 2nd) something they approve of, and 3rd) something they will give you credit for. It doesn’t matter if you get a certification at the end; if your high school doesn’t validate the credits they don’t go on your transcript.