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Summer credits at different school

I am not very happy with my junior year grades and want to show colleges that there is more to me than a few personal issues that have happened during my junior year. So I have registered with an online accredited high school that uses a Canadian system, even though I study at an American school. In the CommonApp, I am concerned as to whether or not these classes I took during the summer will contribute towards my application and show colleges that I am more than personal issues. Would that be an efficient way of showing universities? And if so, will colleges look at these courses? Thanks :)

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You should probably talk with your guidance counselor to see if your school district has a virtual school you can attend. Sometimes, they will let you re-take a class. Or, if you are signed up for DE classes, see if you can take a couple online courses at your local community college. They might not count toward DE, but if you get good grades, they may count toward college credit and help boost your chances.

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