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Should I take 2 Dual enrollment in the Fall with a somewhat busy schedule?

I am taking 8 courses. Some courses says HRS, but honestly are CP (aka. normal levels). These courses depends on the teacher.

-I do have a 90 minute break time every other day (ex. Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

- Human Body Syst. HRS, Medical Interv. HRS, and French 3 are going to be the easiest, since they are basically normal/CP level. Human body + Medical Interv. just needs a lot of information to memorize but the concepts are really easy. Plus. Medical Interv. HRS is like a study hall with a bunch of homework.

- Psychology AP and AP Lang. slightly harder, but it is still easy. It's just that there's going to be a lot of information to memorize, but still easy concepts I think. It's just I'm aiming for a 5 on the psychology AP exam.

- College Alg. GHP is gonna be somewhat hard. GHP is basically another level of CP but more harder. Still not Honors level of hard. I'm not really good at math.

- Biology AP is going to be really hard, I have a lot of concepts to memorize and I plan to get a 5 on the AP Exam.

- theres also the problem of midterms, however, if I get a good score on it and 90% or above in the course as a total I don't have to do finals. This means more time studying.

I also plan to make the biology club open again (honestly probably not going to open), but I will help with my friends club. I'm the co-founder of it. I also think of doing the Brain Bee, maybe. Also studying 30 min. everyday for SAT.


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