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Is it too late to start extra curriculars?

Im a junior. I dont have any extra curriculars. Is it too late now? What should I do?

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@cecil4 years ago

I'm sure you have ECs, you just need to think outside the traditional in your school activities. What do you do in your free time? Do you babysit? Sell stuff online? Play an instrument? Compete in video games online? Belong to a youth group in your place or worship? Those are all ECs. Sign up for a class at your local rec center - that's an EC. Better yet, offer to TEACH a class at your local rec center (for example, offer to teach older people how to use Instagram). Good luck!

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4 years ago

It really depends on gpa SAT/ACT and what school you want to attend. Some notably K State and the public 4 year Iowa schools all require x gpa and y SAT/ACT. The Cal St has something similiar for in state. So if you just need to get into a very good public school just keep GPA up and get a decent SAT. Ivies are certainly not feasible and elite schools like USC are also out of reach.

You can join ECs certainly but no matter what I’m guessing you have some ECs. ECs in a sentence are what you do as a fun activity/non academic activities. A job is an EC so is having to care for a younger sibling and so is babysitting. If you write for fun that’s an EC and so on and so on.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

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