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I'm from India and APcourses aren't offered here so do I need to go for these if yes then how many for top50Universities

I'm currently in 12th grade and I'm preparing for SAT and other components of application process for applying to top 50 Universities in usa . In my country there are very few school and Colleges that offer AP courses so I don't have much options to prepare for AP exams except for online . Do I need to take AP exams considering my situation . If yes then how many AP courses would be enough to make my application strong enough . I'm planning to graduate in biomedical sciences so which AP exams should I take considering I have medical ( science subjects) in my High school ?

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2 years ago

APs are not necessary for ivy admittence rigor is so honors, advanced, accelerated courses are rigor. Rigor is evaluated based on what your opportunities are so if you have no AP classes and therefore took no AP classes you will not be disqualified.

AP exams are good for college credit. AP Classes are good fo the rigor. Also there may be a way to take a class online but I am not sure.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

2 years ago

I'm Madeline, a student in the US. GPA: 4.53

I personally have taken 9 AP exams so far, all self-studied online. If you are able to take an AP course, I would go for AP Biology and AP Chemistry based on your intended major.

DO NOT WORRY! College admissions officers are interested in whether you are taking advantage of all the opportunities available to you. They will not penalize you if you can't take AP classes.

That said, if you are able to take an AP course, I would go for AP Biology and AP Chemistry based on your intended major.


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