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Duke vs WashU premed

Which one do you think is better on the premed track and why?


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2 years ago

I can only really speak towards Duke but I would say it's likely better because there is no shortage of opportunity to get experience while at the school. There are two hospitals in the city run by the University. Additionally there are more specialized clinics (Dermatology, Dentistry, etc.) all across Durham. The campus is within walking distance to the Duke hospital district. I can't speak to the education, but there will be many opportunities that will help you apply to medical school.

2 years ago[edited]

So med school comes down to opportunities and preparation. CP said that duke has better opportunities but that’s not by much. Also it comes down to preference becuase what is the point of going to duke if you hate it and vice versa. You may love St Louis or love Raliegh-Durham or you may despise R-D and pick StLouis instead. Also cost distance/location may impact your feelings. As I’m not you you’ll need to ponder what you like.

Also both are highly selective so if you like both apply to both.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.


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