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Applying for BSMD - how to select BSMD college in Admission journey?

My Daughter is applying for BSMD but when I am selecting admission journey at a glance it does not give me option to select BSMD. May be there is something I am missing or it does not have that option. Please advice.

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So CollegeVine hosted a livestream of BS MD programs latter today I believe so you can watch it live or see the replay of it under the livestream tab. The replays are at the bottom.

BS MD are more selective than the ivies. The least selective BS DM school I know of is Missouri-Kansas City with a 9% admit rate to compare that with UPenn an Ivy with 9.4% admit rate. And Rice’s BS MD program (rice is an unofficial ivy) selects only 2 students a year for the program if I remember correctly. That’s roughly a 2% admit rate i believe.

This is the best link I’ve found. https://www.shemmassianconsulting.com/blog/bs-md-programs

Also at blog.collegevine.com there may be an article about BS MD programs though I’m not sure.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.


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