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Potential Pre-Med/Biochemistry

Hi, I finished up my Junior year of High school and I am very interested in a Biochemistry major with a Pre-Med track. However math and science are not my best subjects, I have taken four math classes and had 3 Bs and 1 C all of which were honors. I also did not do well in Chemistry (Honors) but it was hard because we had a long term sub and the teacher was only there for one Month so it was hard for me to learn it on my own. I also never took AP Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. I do not know if this will be a good idea but it is something that I am interested in, should I go with it? Any tips on how to improve Math and Science skills, or should I just choose another major?


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Firstly, you do not need to necessarily take a biology/chemistry major to be premed. Plenty of people get into med school with business, physics, psychology, and environmental science backgrounds. You just need to take prereqs for med school. In general, your grades are definitely low for Top 20 colleges, but there are plenty of amazing state university programs for premed, and in general, I'd say these programs are more worth it as they come at a lower cost which will let you spend a lot of money on Med school.

In terms of course load, I'd recommend probably taking AP Biology (well suited to someone who's not strong in math) and maybe AP Psychology and AP Environmental Science in senior year if possible. These give you good basis for a premed student. AP Chemistry and AP Physics are heavily math-based (I am doing AP Chem summer homework right now for example, and it is 90% math-based).

If you have any other questions please comment below.

Hope this helps!

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