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Should I still submit the ACT if my score has gone down?

Before COVID-19 hit, I was studying for the ACT for about a year. I had reached my goal during mock tests constantly (33) and was prepared to take the ACT. However, since all three of my ACT's have been cancelled, I am unsure what to do. I admit it is my fault that I did not keep studying for the ACT, but now my score has dropped by 5 points and I am worried I will be unable to get it back up. While I will be studying as much as I can, I wonder if it is worth it to even submit my score if I get below that if a school is test-optional. Should I still even take it or submit it? Thanks.

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2 years ago

So from what you say I believe you have a 28 so in that case look at your top school and determine how it compares to the mid 50% (refer to common data set) if it is with in or above the mid 50 I’d submit it regardless if it is below I’d not submit it. I’d advice taking it again and if you get boosted you can submit it if you weren’t admit as a test optional student. Refer to appeal/wait list.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.


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