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How should I fill out my GPA on my CollegeVine profile?

Due to the pandemic, conditions in my country, and other personal problems, I had a troubling freshman year in high school. And as a result, I dreadfully underperformed in my academics, acquiring a GPA of 2.7. However, in the summer of my freshman year (the summer before I was a sophomore), things started to change for the better and I clawed myself back into performing excellently in my classes. My GPA rose to 3.92 in my sophomore year and 3.97 in my junior year.

Now, the question I am facing is whether I should fill in the average of the GPAs I got in my three years of high school, or if there is another method I could follow to tackle this issue.

I am relatively new to CollegeVine and this dilemma has been giving me trouble since I want to make my profile active for colleges to find me (BTW, I am an International student from East Africa).

Appreciate you for taking the time to reply (read this long paragraph), Thanks!

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All colleges will look at your GPA trend, not just a raw average of your GPA across three years.

So according to your information, you have what college professionals call a "highly upward trend"

They will recognize this on your transcript and take note of this regardless of what your Freshman year GPA was. So put down the correct GPA you have on your transcript 3.53 or whatever it says on your official report card.

So an upward trend 3.53 with nearly a 4.0 in the current year looks much better to the application reader than someone that has a 3.75 for all 3 years.

Good luck.

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