4 years ago
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what to do if my school has no extracurricular activities?

I'm a rising freshman and my school has no extracurricular activities well it only has basketball, but it's not really my thing, what should i do? if there are no other options i was thinking about joining the basketball team but I'm not that desperate yet. help!!!

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@hbeags4 years ago

Depending on where you are, there are plenty of community extracurriculars. Apply for high school internships in the community, look for jobs. If you're into writing submit your work into magazines online. There's lots of stuff for you to get involved in that doesn't have to be directly at school.

@Ghershey4 years ago

To reinforce what @hbeags said, you can usually find other extracurricular activities outside of school. If you can’t find an activity that you like, than make up your own. I had a friend that wanted to do a playwright activity but his school didn’t support it, so he just made his own. Do what activities will make you feel happy and entertained

@fsoikin4 years ago

@hbeags that looks like an answer of its own. If you post that as an answer I'd upvote it for sure.

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4 years ago

Maybe, this is a great opportunity to create something new. You can start a club, or a honor society. It propably will be easy to recruit people to help you and to attend your club, since there isn't lots of others extracurricular activities to compete.

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