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Should I take the SAT or the ACT?

I’m about to be a senior and I was just wondering should I take the SAT or ACT. I know people’s opinions differ with some preferring one over the other, but I just want a general opinion. Most people say take both practice tests and see how you do but i don’t really think i have the time to do that. SAT testing starts next month and ACT starts the month after so i really just need to pick one now and study hard for it.

Majority of the people I have spoken with have said that the ACT is easier to take/do good on but the con is that they give you less time to answer than the SAT. I have read that the ACT has more straight-forward questions and easier concepts, but the SAT has a longer time. So my question is for anyone who has taken both or know a lot about these tests, which one do you advise me to take? Right now I’m leaning on the ACT because I‘d rather have easier questions just with less time than harder questions with more time but anyone please just let me know.


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So the ACT is the base line at most Midwest/great plain schools. The SAT is the baseline everywhere else. There is no preference to either one though.

The ACT you have around a minute per question but the questions themselves are more straightforward. The ACT also has a science section that is part graph reading and part science. If you took biology chemistry physics you should do fine.

The SAT you get more time but they are more intricate. Essentially it’s more 3 step than 2 step (metaphor). Also the SAT has subject tests that are considered in admissions especially at the ivies. The ACT doesn’t have that.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

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