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Deciding an essay topic

Hi, I am a rising senior suffering through the fateful summer where I need to wrap up my college essays. I have worked on a few topics for personal statements by now, and I eventually narrowed it down to one:

The topic surrounds how when I got lice I had to get a pixie cut and, as a girl, it made me feel ugly /not feminine for years. The essay ends with me realizing how harmful superficiality is and applying that to other parts of my life.

Okay so that was topic one and I was pretty dead set on that but now that I'm thinking I kind of want to do this other topic:

This topic is about how in high school (mind you the first topic is really just elementary school) I had this strong belief I was psychic. I would have all these dreams and then they would come true like a few months later. I was super persistent (completely ignoring my delusion) that I had special abilities. Later on though I looked it up and found out its just a phenomenon called deja reve (like deja vu for dreams) and there are scientific explanations. anyway the whole idea of the essay is how my belief was challenged but instead it really just fueled my curiosity. I dunno.

Okay so which is a stronger essay? If both are weak please let me know. I have done the thing where I write down my most important values and (sorta kinda) I think these essays display them. Also I feel like the second topic has a less clear story line, like it might just come out like a streamline of thoughts so perhaps some advice on how to structure it better (if it's the better choice)? Okay thank you!

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8 months ago

I think the 2nd topic is unique and could possibly help you stand out depending on how you tie it into the prompt!

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