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Essay Prompts for Barnard College

Hello! I am a rising senior and I am prepping my essay prompt topics for the fall. I wanted my longer essay to center around my identity, specifically my locs. My locs are are huge part of African American culture and has been with me since freshman year. I have learned a lot about myself and my locs physically reflects it. Since the Supreme Court case, I'm affraid to mention anything about me being African American. Any suggestions?

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Also, is this a good prompt for Barnard?

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This sounds like a great topic! The recent affirmative action ruling just means that colleges can not plan to admit a certain number of people from any race or actively prioritize certain races over others. However, most universities (Barnard included) will still be committed to building a diverse student body on campus during this admissions cycle and for many after. A big way they can do this is through the essay, since people express their viewpoints and backgrounds through their writing and colleges can build a diverse class that way. So basically, writing about your identity has never been more important.

I think you should definitely work with this essay idea a bit to see how it comes out. Maybe try it within common app prompt #1? Just make sure you are focusing most on what you said with how locs have shaped you and connected you to your culture. Anyway, best of luck writing!

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