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Do the rigor of my classes senior year matter in the application process? Should I take more AP’s?


I have only taken 1 AP (AP Lang and scored a 5) going into my senior year. A lot of my friends have taken up to 5 already. I want my application to be as competitive as theirs, but I don’t know if that is even possible if colleges don’t look at the rigor of your senior year classes? basically, is it too late? Should I aim to take more AP’s (even if they aren’t necessarily something I’m interested in) or just high level classes aimed for the major I’m interested in? I am on the medical pathway and have not taken AP Chem because I have heard that it is very difficult at my school and I was not good at it during my honors chem class. Should I take the class my senior year based on how colleges will see it admissions wise?


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So the rigor is definitely looked at senior year and if you apply after winter break they'd want 1st semester grades. AP id heavily recommend you take as its good rigor and near free college credit.

Also AP chem it depends on the schools you are interested if any have a below 30% admit rate Id recommend and you don't have to send in the test.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification

Thank you!!! this was so helpful! one more question: so if an application is due in October, would my chances of getting in be less because they aren’t considering my senior year classes?
If you have your schedule that’s all that is needed. Grades aren’t needed until you are admited and as long as you don’t get Senioritis you are fully admitted. (You send your transcript with all the grades at the end of year) does this clear everything up? :-)
yes, thank you so much!
Your welcome! Good luck with the applications
i’ll add rigor only really matters if you are going to selective schools in which hey have a “minimum” or the number of AP classes you need to take compared to how many your school offers to meet their academic cutoff. if this isn’t the case then you’re all set!
would you consider UGA a selective school? I know that they do mention that they would rather take a student who had a 4.0 taking a rigorous course (multiple AP’s/IB/ETC. ) who scored below 1000 on the SAT over a student with a 3.0 GPA taking (standard or few honors classes) who scored over a 34+ ACT.
So Georgia is a essentially a highly selective public school. Any school apprx +-5% from 50% admit rate generally falls in this caterogory. It’s on par with Wisc-Madison UW Maryland Penn St. It’s different than UCLA Mich UVA etc which I say is extremely selective. And with that said selective means it picks and chooses it admitees. It doesn’t make it better per se but improves the prestige.
So yes UGA is selective as a rule of thumb if it has between a 35 and 60% admit rate it’s selective.
i would say yes, uga is, thus you should be taking a decent amount of ap classes. i’d aim for 1/2 to 2/3 of the ap classes that your school offers but then again i’m not sure how many that is. how “good” your ap rigor is depends on what the highest possible rigor of your school is
our school’s highest AP class is AP Calc BC. Most of the people in my class will have taken an average of 6-7 AP classes some reaching 9 or 10. depending on that rigor would my 3 or 4 AP classes even come close in comparison to those? or is it more about what level of AP classes i am taking?
no, it’s how many. if the average is 6-7 by the end of senior year and you have only taken 3-4 then that might be a weak point. uga is a state school (albeit one of the highest rated ones) so you definitely aren’t going to be automatically rejected by it but is there any way you can take 5? i would say 4-5 is good and if you can try for 5. which APs doesn’t really matter; they just look at how many you took vs how many you were able to take
Amount based on opportunities and grades in said said classes. Also there’s a small point about major related as a stem major APUSH is less impactful than AP Bio