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Do the rigor of my classes senior year matter in the application process? Should I take more AP’s?

I have only taken 1 AP (AP Lang and scored a 5) going into my senior year. A lot of my friends have taken up to 5 already. I want my application to be as competitive as theirs, but I don’t know if that is even possible if colleges don’t look at the rigor of your senior year classes? basically, is it too late? Should I aim to take more AP’s (even if they aren’t necessarily something I’m interested in) or just high level classes aimed for the major I’m interested in? I am on the medical pathway and have not taken AP Chem because I have heard that it is very difficult at my school and I was not good at it during my honors chem class. Should I take the class my senior year based on how colleges will see it admissions wise?


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2 years ago

So the rigor is definitely looked at senior year and if you apply after winter break they'd want 1st semester grades. AP id heavily recommend you take as its good rigor and near free college credit.

Also AP chem it depends on the schools you are interested if any have a below 30% admit rate Id recommend and you don't have to send in the test.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification


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